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Pizza 14" - The Home Plate - Pizza
Temple, TX

Veggie Supreme 14"

Green pepper, onions, black olives, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, jalapenos and sliced tomatoes

Large 14" $23
Crust:New York Style Thin Crust
Add Toppings:Garlic White Sauce +$1Extra Cheese +$1Cheddar Cheese +$1Pepperoni +$1Sausage +$1Ground Beef +$1Canadian Bacon +$1Bacon +$1Grilled Chicken +$1Pineapple +$1Mushrooms +$1Onions +$1Black Olives +$1Jalapeno Peppers +$1Green Peppers +$1Sliced Tomatoes +$1Artichokes +$1Green Olives +$1
Make It Pizza:No Crust